Liangpi, Front Gate, ECNU


Name/Description : Cold Jelly Noodles
Specialty (named dish): Liangpi 凉皮
Location/Area (address or cross-street): across front gate of ECNU
Fixed or Moving: Moving
Time of Day: 4:00pm-8:00pm

A woman sells refreshing bowls of liangpi outside of a glass box decorated with chinese characters on top of a parked tricycle. Each bowl is 6 served in a cardboard bowl with a plastic cap and then placed in a plastic bag to easily take on the go. Customers can choose which noodle they want or a combination of both. One is made from rice flour that has ben steamed into pancakes and sliced into thick noodles, and the other is a thinner noodle that resembles a jelly-like texture. They are then tossed in a bowl with added julienned cucumbers, cilantro, minced pickled mustard tuber, sesame or peanut sauce, vinegar, crushed peanuts, chili oil, and garlic sauce. Customers have the option of choosing their level of preferred heat and whether or not they want to add pieces of wheat gluten for an extra cost.

Thicker noodles are sliced from pre-steamed wheat flour pancakes

I have been to this stand twice. There is another woman that sets up a liangpi stand right beside her as well, but hers doesn’t use as many ingredients as this stand. The range of garnishes and condiments provides a balance in textures, with crunch from the julienned cucumbers and bean sprouts, nutty flavors from the ground up peanuts and sesame sauce, acidity from the vinegar, and aromatic fragrance from the garlic and cilantro.  – Phoebe Tran