Xi’an rou jia mou: Dingxi Lu, Wuyi Lu


  1. Name/ Description: 西安肉夹馍/ Xī’ān ròu jiā mó
  2. Specialty (named dish): Ròu jiā mó, “meat burger”, “meat sandwich”
  3. Location/Area: Changning District, Dingxi Lu and Wuyi Lu
  4. Fixed or Moving: Moving Cart (make shift table attached to a bike)
  5. Time of Day: Evening
  6. Comments: The server was really nice and very trusting. Most street food stand owners tend to accept money whilst they prepare your food. However, this particular stand owner was trusting enough to allow us to take out own change from his money jar.
  7. Review: First time at this cart and also first time trying this dish. After trying this we definitely would come back or try it at a different cart because the flavor was unique and quite delicious. For only 5 yuan we got a hearty portion of richly spiced pork stuffed between Chinese-styled “pita” bread. We’ve seen this snack in other street food locations before that were popular however this particular stall had few customer. This could be attributed to the time of day (we went at 7 PM) and it’s location.