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Dāo Xiāo Miàn – Sliced Noodle -­ 刀削面

A noodle delicacy coming directly from the noodle­-renowned Shanxi region. The Hand Shaved Noodles offer a rustic approach to the many variety of noodles found in China. The technique for preparation requires precision only achieved with endless practice. Unlike the other variety of noodles, these are meant to look simple, imperfect, and simply mouth-watering. Prices range depending on the … Continue Reading ››

Zhangjiang High Tech Park

data=VLHX1wd2Cgu8wR6jwyh-km8JBWAkEzU4,v0ORUq5p746TDMOLoyDmiz0RuW87rLVRmRPpxsNX3HPp_FobNo5BQlO5zV56tAFbj8LvmvP8ufdjwNRhRImj0RNsYdRSnbCP9QI3D-QNlQblNY34-A   The Zhangjiang High Tech Park is one of the biggest IT/Research Park in China. Its residence are mostly college students and young white-collars. Street food market flourished there and most stalls gathered near the metro station.

Man Offers $16,112 Reward to Test Youtiao

China Daily reported about a man named Wang Dawei, a youtiao street food vendor from Weifang in East China's Shandong province, who offered a 100,000RMB reward to any individual who could disprove his claim that his youtiao was not aluminum-free. Many people know that the secret ingredient local street food vendors use to … Continue Reading ››