Baozi: Dingxi Lu, Anhua Lu


Name/Description : Steamed bun
Specialty (named dish): Baozi
Location/Area (address or cross-street): Dingxi Road, between Anhua Road and Xuanhua Road
Fixed or Moving: Fixed
Time of Day: 6am-6pm

This street food stand is perched right outside of a restaurant, selling various types of baozi alongside Shanghai-style shaomai. Each bao costs 1.5 yuan, ranging from sweet (red bean) and savory (braised cabbage, pork, bok choy and tofu, cellophane noodles) fillings. The vegetarian and red bean baozis are recommended favorites.

 I have frequented this place multiple times as a breakfast or snack in the middle of the day. I believe this baozi stand in particular has a much more pillowy-soft bun in comparison to others, whose baos tend to become thick, dry and gummy. The baos are best eaten during the earlier hours when they are being freshly made. This stand is very popular among locals.