Dianbing: Dingxi Lu, Anhua Lu


Name/Description: Egg pancake
Specialty (named dish): Danbing
Location/Area (address or cross-street): Anhua Road and Dingxi Road
Fixed or Moving: Moving
Time of Day: 6am-10am

This mobile street food stand is set up out of a metal box cart fixed with a flat top griddle and an open front. A man and a woman work together taking orders as the woman works behind the flat top griddle and the man adds the condiments and oil. The eggy crepe is soft and steamy, typically wrapped around a folded piece of youtiao. Each danbing costs 3.5 kuai, and is served out of a small plastic bag.

I have frequented this place three times. This is the only danbing stand I have tried; but from tasting the dish other times before, I am sure that these vendors have an expertise in the making of danbing. The pancake is soft and steamy, with a kick from the salty, spicy chili sauce that is smeared inside. I find the danbing to be more enjoyable without the youtiao and with an added egg cracked inside because it makes it even fluffier. Locals typically line this street food stand to await their breakfasts.