Jianbing: Dingxi Lu, Anhua Lu


Name/Description : Chinese-style crepe
Specialty (named dish): Jianbing
Location/Area (address or cross-street): Dingxi Road, between Anhua Road and Xuanhua Road Fixed or Moving: Moving Time of Day: 6am-10am Comments: Located at the top of the stairs of a cigarette shop, this jianbing breakfast stand is arguably one of the best. The chef responsible for the recipe humbly shells out jianbing with adeptness and speed, working along with a woman who synchronizes along with him to help him crack an egg over each crepe and hand the crepe to the customer immediately after he is finished so that he can begin making the next one before the order is even placed. Each jianbing costs 3.5 kuai with additional cost for a sausage. A youtiao can replace the fried wonton skin inside. The vendor also provides a side of soymilk that can be taken from a small box that is placed beside his stand. Review: I’ve frequent this place at an average of at least once a week. The batter to the crepe at this jianbing stand is much thicker, which creates a thinner layer of pancake when it is spread across the griddle and wiped off. This makes the crepe a bit more crisp at the edges, retaining a soft, slightly chewy crepe towards its center. The wonton skins are much less oily, with a lighter batter that retains its crispiness for longer. The pickled mustard tuber that is sprinkled inside of it has a more subtle saltiness and the fermented soy bean sauce has a hint of sweetness that contrasts the pickles’ flavor. This stand typically has locals lined up throughout the early hours that it is open. – Phoebe Tran Review: We go there three to four times a week for breakfast. It’s much better than the JianBing stands in front of ECNU and the one in the cafeteria because the ingredients are fresher and the sauce tastes better. It is also friendlier because it is a family-run business. It is very popular; there are usually long lines in the morning. Locals and NYU students frequent it. -Annie Xin, Angela Hsiao

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