Shanghai to regulate food stalls at nights

from ShanghaiDaily

Shanghai is working on a draft plan to regulate the night markets in the city.

The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration is seeking the opinion of the public on its website over the draft bill that covers vendors and food stalls. The bill aims to ensure customer protection while also ensuring that people have late night choices for dining that does not disturb either the city management or the neighborhood.

The move comes after the aggressive crackdown on the popular Pengpu night market in Zhabei District which caused traffic congestion while the residents complained about the noise.

Shanghai started issuing licenses for breakfast stalls since 2012. Subdistricts were allowed to choose a place to set up licensed stalls which operates at a specific time.

The city issued some 5,700  licenses last year.

“We want to introduce similar management like breakfast stalls for the night markets as well to avoid disputes, noise and road blockages,” said Gu Zhenhua, vice director and spokesman of Shanghai Food Safety Office. “There is also the risk of food safety from these unregulated stalls. The rule will give legal support to the management,” he said.

According to the draft bill, each district can set up temporary or permanent areas for food stalls after taking the traffic and neighborhoods into account. Greenery and urban management bureau will manage the waste oil collection and transportation and road coverage.

The FDA will give necessary training and check on the stall owners, who must register at the subdistrict government, pass the health check before getting the licenses.