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Is ShuDaoDian 疏导点 a Solution to Streetfood Problems in Shanghai? by Lingyi Liu, Shannelle Chua, Ziqi Wang

Problems of Streetfood

China has a strong street food culture, and the same could be said for one of its most famous cities, Shanghai. But as Shanghai develops more and more, gaining more and more international recognition such as during the Shanghai Expo, the government grows stricter and stricter about policing street food vendors to maintain … Continue Reading ››

Ji Muslim Restaurant vs. 伊帕尔汗新疆餐厅 | Yi Pa Er Han Xinjiang Restaurant by Wesley Livingstone and Lilian Korinek

Guan Guan Ji (贯贯吉穆斯林餐厅) is a chain of three highly successful Chinese Muslim restaurants, with two branches in Ningbo (宁波), and one right here in Shanghai on the bustling Zhejiang Central Road (浙江中路) and the corner of Guangdong Road (广东路). This restaurant was first introduced to us (Lilly and Wesley) by a local Shanghainese … Continue Reading ››

Burger Babes: Infiltrating Shanghai’s Underground Economy

After a month of living in Shanghai as a study abroad student and experiencing what can only be understood as a place burgeoning with opportunity with little regulations, a friend and I took hold of the chance to establish a street food stand in the midst of Shanghai’s thumping nightlife. We … Continue Reading ››