Regulatory Department of Street Food Vending in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long history of Hawker (vendors) that could be traced back over a century. The Environmental Hygiene Administration Division is responsible for the general management of Hawker. As you can see, the following picture shows the governmental structure: Source: According to the official website … Continue Reading ››

Entrepreneurship of “Internet-Popular” (网红)Food Stalls in Shanghai and Related Regulation Updates

Overview on recent media report: Media press talks about expectations the new regulation on food, which is said to include the supportive terms for street food vending business, from the positive aspect by giving several examples on how the those illegal vendors who sell “Internet-Popular” (网红)food to get the license in the past several years, which … Continue Reading ››

Regulatory Department Reform and Current Regulations on Street Food Vending in China

Overview: The regulatory department in 1990s was in a similar form as the structure when the PRC was established – multiple departments and laws were involved. Moreover, there were specific regulatory office and law-enforcement team on regulating vendors. While it seemed to be strong regulation power, the problem on regulating vendors still existed. According to Yi Wang’s … Continue Reading ››

Selected Articles Talking about Street Vending in Shanghai through History

Overview: Street vending in China has a long history back to ancient times. Considering the history of Shanghai and China, the general classification on the period is: 1843 -1949: Shanghai became a treaty port in 1843 (上海开埠). The international trade opened and the city became a commercial center. People from other provinces came to Shanghai to become a … Continue Reading ››

Is ShuDaoDian 疏导点 a Solution to Streetfood Problems in Shanghai? by Lingyi Liu, Shannelle Chua, Ziqi Wang

Problems of Streetfood

China has a strong street food culture, and the same could be said for one of its most famous cities, Shanghai. But as Shanghai develops more and more, gaining more and more international recognition such as during the Shanghai Expo, the government grows stricter and stricter about policing street food vendors to maintain … Continue Reading ››

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